Frame Worthy Watercolour Painting


This workshop is brought to you by Jovy Merryl from Aquarryl Studio. This course offers an introduction to watercolor landscape. She will teach you how to create high quality work by building the fundamentals and getting acquainted with different techniques. 

This course is designed with step-by-step procedure and will cover everything a beginner would wish to know.

By the end of this course, you will be able to produce a frame-worthy watercolor painting. You will also learn how to create depth and distance, how to capture light and how to eliminate the fear in working on wet paper. 

At the end of the class, all participants will have take home assignments to practice whatever they learned during the workshop.

3 hours, $130

Jovy Merryl is an author, watercolor artist, an educator and Founder of Aquarryl Studio. She is also an ambassador of Nevskaya Palitra and one of the firsts in Asia to become a Certified Silver Brush Educator. She collaborated with known art Brand’s like Legion, Hahnemuhle Global, Escoda, M.Graham and QoR to name a few. She is known on Instagram for her powerful Watercolor paintings that evokes emotion. She believes that art can always be learned, no matter what stage you are in life and she hopes that her artworks can connect her to more people and somehow give them a chance to let art change their lives too.

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  • All materials for the workshop will be provided unless otherwise stated.
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