Paper Marbling and Bookbinding using Coptic Stitching


Join us for a full-day workshop where you learn these two traditional crafts. Explore the amazing craft of paper marbling in the morning. Have loads of fun playing with floating paint on the marbling base and then capture the results on sheets of paper. In the afternoon, you will use the marbled papers to make your book covers. We will go over the Coptic stitching method that creates books that open completely flat. The finished book may be used as a journal to capture your thoughts, sketches and musings.

Full day, $140

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Paper marbling and bookbinding are both traditional crafts that have withstood the test of time. Marbling techniques used to be a well-kept secret by the Venetians. Traditionally, Irish moss is collected from the sea and treated by boiling to extract the sticky substance to make the marbling base. Oil paints were also used as they are vibrant and naturally float on water. The modern artists uses a synthetic substitute for the sticky base and acrylic paints as they are easy to manipulate without the use of solvents.

Bookbinding techniques are mostly automated these days. There is satisfaction in planning a bookbinding project where the maker decides on the number of signatures, the size of the finished book, the type of binding stitches to use, the materials and supplies used to create the book covers. For those who are looking to experience slow making, bookbinding is a good option as there are a wide variety of techniques to explore. The process may be as simple and as complex as the maker wishes.

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