Pearl Fibre Top

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A very new Biodegradable cellulose fibre which is infused with precious pearl powder which contains natural amino acids and trace elements. It is a very soft and lustrous fibre.

The fibre gives a natural smooth and cooling feeling with great moisture absorption. It allows great dye uptake to produce great dyeing shades with a lustre and shine.

The fibre is a natural UVA protector and has an Ultraviolet protection factor greater than 30.

Pearl fibre has a fantastic drapability.

These fibres may be used directly or can be dyed using fibre reactive dyes before use. They can be used alone or blended with other fibres such as cotton, silk, wool and linen to create unique blends. Fibres can be used for dyeing, spinning or needle felting.

Each unit listed is 100g.

Fibre Length: 75-80mm
Top Width: Circa 1 inch

(all measurements are approximate)

Please Note: Colours may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nature of natural fibre. We have taken every step to represent the colours correctly, but we do recommend ordering a sample for clarity as colours can change depending on your screen settings.

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