Rigid Heddle Loom Pickup Patterns


Been doing plain weave on your rigid heddle loom for a while and looking to expand your repertoire? Join us for this workshop on pickup patterns using your rigid heddle looms.

For this full-day workshop, we will be covering techniques and patterns involving warp-floats, weft-floats and the honeycomb patterns to start you off on your pattern weaving journey. The workshop package will include a 10-dent 15" reed valued at $72 and a 15" pick up stick valued at $23. You will experience weaving using a different dent size and consequently a different yarn weight. After the workshop, you will go home with the new 10-dent reed and pick-up stick to do more weaving!

For this workshop, you will need to bring your own cricket loom. It would be good to bring along your own copy of the book - Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom. We will be referencing materials from the book. For those without the book, we will be providing handouts.

Full Day, $150

Sold Out

This workshop is open to all participants who own their own rigid heddle looms and wish to move on to more weaving techniques. If you don’t own a Schacht 15” Cricket loom, do get in touch with us to enquire about the cost as well as the possibility of getting a matching reed for your loom. We carry rigid heddle looms from Kromski and Ashford as well.

Please get in touch with us using the enquiry tab below to see about scheduling a private class if you are keen to schedule a session not listed in the calendar.

  • All materials for the workshop will be provided unless otherwise stated.
  • Workshop bookings can be amended via phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram message. Fees collected will be converted to store credit if amendments are confirmed 24 hours before the workshop. Fees collected will not be refunded for bookings that are missed or cancelled within 24-hours before the workshop. For more details, please refer to our cancellation policies.