Rigid Heddle Study Group 2022


The intention of this group is to encourage intentional and deliberate practice on the rigid heddle loom, but paced to accommodate our respective life schedules. Therefore we have planned for the study group to span over six months, working on three projects. Each project will take approximately 2 months from warp, weave and finish. You are welcomed to work on more projects, but that would not be our expectation. 

As this is a study group, the choice of weave structure, techniques and projects will be chosen by consensus amongst members of the group. To make this group as inclusive as possible, we will encourage the group to pick projects that do not require the purchase of additional tools and accessories beyond the yarns that are required for the project. We will certainly be here to suggest possible hacks or work-arounds for techniques that require additional tools (e.g. double-heddle weaving). 

This study group will meet on Sunday mornings, between 10 am to 12 noon. 

The dates of the meetings are as follows:

  • 9 Jan - (Group Check-in, In-Person or Virtual)

  • 23 Jan - (1st project Check-in, Virtual)

  • 27 Feb - (1st project Show & Tell, In-Person)

  • 27 Mar - (2nd project Check-in, Virtual)

  • 24 Apr - (2nd project Show & Tell, In-Person)

  • 29 May - (Final project Check-in, Virtual)

  • 26 June - (Final project Show & Tell, In-Person)

  • July – Project Exhibition

7 sessions, $50

Sold Out

A membership fee of $50 will be charged for the study group. This fee will go towards refreshments at our physical meetings, as well as any administrative costs involved in hosting the meetings and exhibition. Participants are expected to purchase their own materials for the study group.

  • All materials for the workshop will be provided unless otherwise stated.
  • Workshop bookings can be amended via phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram message. Fees collected will be converted to store credit if amendments are confirmed 24 hours before the workshop. Fees collected will not be refunded for bookings that are missed or cancelled within 24-hours before the workshop. For more details, please refer to our cancellation policies.