Yarn Spinning on a Drop Spindle


Join us for an introduction to yarn spinning on a drop spindle over 2 sessions. You will learn about basic drafting and spinning techniques. Over the course of the 2 sessions, you will also learn about plying your spun singles into multi-ply yarn. Explore making your own blends of fibres using a blending board and hand carders. 

As part of the workshop series, you will get a kit to bring home with you that includes the following: a 4" Schacht Drop Spindle, two cardboard bobbins, a selection of fibres to spin and a pouch to keep it all together!

We have a short introductory video about yarn spinning that we would like to share with you. Watch the video to get a better idea about yarn spinning!

Two 2-hour sessions, $120

Yarn spinning is a very traditional craft where yarn is made by twisting fibres to form a stronger structure. Typical spinning tools include spinning wheels and spindles. For this class, we will use the drop spindle to spin the fibres. Drop spindles are simple tools that are very portable and take up very little space. Other than drop spindles, we also have different types of support spindles available for exploration in the studio.

Different types of fibres require different processing techniques and spinning methods. For this class, we will use a variety of fibres on the drop spindle so participants can have a feel of how differently they spin up. Fibres may also be blended to combine the features of the fibres to make a pleasing blend in terms of colours and texture. For this class, we will explore different blending methods using various fibres.

We also included some time for participants to experience spinning on spinning wheels. For those who take to spinning and would like to delve into spinning larger amounts of fibre and longer yardages in shorter amounts of time, we do offer spinning wheel packages for sale and rental, as well as classes and fibre clubs to explore different fibres and yarns.

Please get in touch with us using the enquiry tab below to see about scheduling a private class if you are keen to schedule a session not listed in the calendar.

  • All materials for the workshop will be provided unless otherwise stated.
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