Basics Series - Introduction to Rag Rugging

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$70.00 per person


About this experience

A rag rug is basically, as the name suggests, a rug made out of rags! They have 
been made around the world over many decades and was originally a cheap way of 
providing warmth and/or comfort from hard floors or even dirt floors. They could also 
be washed. People would use the empty sacks which originally contained food 
stuffs to create the base and then use whatever old and worn textiles they had to 
create the rug. In modern times it is still a cheap, and more importantly, a 
sustainable and environmentally friendly craft as you are using up clothes and other 
textiles that are worn out and may otherwise be destined for the rubbish bin and 
landfill. The craft can also be adapted to make flowers, wall hangings, wreaths and 

In this 2-hour workshop you will make a mini wreath. I will show you how to cut your 
material to the right size using a gauge, show you a good trick for cutting long strips 
and show you how to use the different tools for the different styles of rug.

The workshop fee includes all materials.

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