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Blazing Shuttles

Not Your Grandma's Dye Pot

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This kit contains 1 oz each of the 7 dye colours that Kathrin Weber (Blazing Shuttle) uses to produce all the colours I dye in her skeins and warps. The kit also contains a cup of sodium carbonate (soda ash) used for setting the dye. Each kit provides enough dye to dye approximately 20 pounds of fiber in a medium depth of shade, 60 or more pounds in pastels.

Procion MX Fiber Reactive dyes are used for cellulose fibers, including cotton, linen, hemp, rayon, tencel, and bamboo. They are considered cold water dyes which means you can dye with water from the tap. No boiling or heating involved in dye process.

Basic dye instructions included with each dye kit covers :

  • Using dyes safely
  • Application of dyes
  • Mixing of dyes to create multiple colors beyond the primary colors included
  • Links to explore many creative dye techniques on-line 
  • Links to purchase other dye equipment and materials for more in depth dyeing.