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KnitPro Zing Normal IC Interchangeable Needle Set (Refurbished Set)

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KnitPro's Zing needles are made from superior grade light-weight metal and come in a spectrum of vibrant and lively colours. Each size comes in a size specific metallic shade with laser printed sizes and shiny silver tips. Ideal for new knitters as well as the more experienced.

This Zing Interchangeable Deluxe Set contains 8 pairs of the most popular size needle tips and 4 cables, packaged in an attractive red and blue fabric case for easy organisation and convenient storage.

Interchangeable needles work by screwing the end of the flexible cable into the needle tips, tightening with the cable key to ensure the cables don't come undone during knitting. Smooth joins enable stitches to slide easily from tip to cable.

These tips are standard length - approximately 12cm (4.75") long, a popular length for day-to-day use and medium / large projects.

This listing is for a REFURBISHED set. One pair of tips was replaced by KnitPro due to cable connection issues. Set is sold without the original KnitPro plastic packaging sleeve, but otherwise all items are present and set is complete.