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Kromski Harp Forte Bundle (Loom, Stand and Bag)

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The Harp Forte has improved, innovative metal ratchet and pawl mechanisms, featuring rare earth magnets that grant durable project tensioning and the side-lock latches that allow for convenient portability of your Harp Forte, even in the midst of the project.

A built-in warping board is located on the back of the loom and a direct warping peg and clamp is included, as well, giving the weaver the choice of warping method without having to invest in additional equipment.

A standard 8dpi heddle, 2 stick shuttles, one pickup stick, a dozen pegs for the built-in warping board and a threading hook are included with the Harp Forte.

The Harp Forte comes with table clamps or can easily be converted to a free-standing loom by mounting it to a stand. With the stand, the weaver is able to work with the back end of the loom angled, allowing a good view of their work. There is also the added advantage of the convenience of just standing up and walking away from the loom at any time. 

Useful, comfortable & stylish our bag allows room enough for folding, storing and carrying your Harp Forte, floor stand and extra weaving accessories.

This is a bundle set for the Harp Forte loom, stand and bag.