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Kromski Polish Merino Wool (50g pack)

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Kromski Polish Merino Wool has a Micron Count of 27, or 55-65 mm, comparable to the Blue Faced Leicester, Corriedale, Dorset Down or Llama. Excellent for spinning, felting and other crafts where combed top is needed.

The Polish Merino breed of sheep is found throughout much of Poland’s countryside; according to Sheep Breed Resource it is a dual breed. Not far from the Kromski home town of Wolyston is a large fiber mill that processes a large quantify of fine wool, all sourced in Poland. The Polish Merino breed has been in the country for over 200 years, having originated from breeding stock imported from Spain and France.

Polish Merino Is:

  • Slightly more coarse and more durable than NZ/AU and other Merino
  • Micron Count of 27, or 55-65 mm
  • Perfect for Medium-Fine projects such as outwear & mittens