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Susan McGinney

Next Up Series - Crochet a Shawl (9 and 30 May - 10am to 12pm)

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Do you have basic crochet knowledge and would like to make a bigger project?  Shawls are a beautiful way to improve you skills and make something functional and gift-able <3.  They also help you build up your crochet speed and the repetition enables to you create more uniform and beautiful stitches, which are useful for any future crochet projects you would like to make.

Skills Needed:

If you can double crochet and chain - then you can make one of these open pattern designs!

What is the course?


This is a project based, crochet along course based on free patterns.  You will receive your own copy of the written pattern and we will cover how to read it and translate that into actionable stitches.

1st Session:  You will learn how to make a magic circle, and we will crochet two repeats (for example, if the shawl has a flower pattern, we are aiming to complete two sections of flowers).

3 Weeks Gap:  Please continue crocheting based on the pattern

2nd Session:  We will check your work and answer any questions you have from crocheting on your own, and I will explain how how to make the border which runs along the sides of the shawl.  You do not need to have finished your shawl by then! You can make a video to use later.

Notes and Tools:

Terms:  US crochet terms

Yarn:  1000m of fingerling yarn (You may opt to bring in your own yarn or purchase from the available selection.)

Crochet Hook:  I recommend a hook 3.25mm (not included in course)

Pattern included:

  • “Mulberry Wine Shawl” by @intheyarngarden
  • "Elegant Triangle Shawl” by @ecelibuculu from Sirin’s Crochet @sirinscrochet Beginner Friendly!

Looking forward crocheting with you in the near future!