Multi-Shaft Weaving Study Group
Join us for a series of discussions and idea-sharing on weaving on rigid heddle looms
$275.00 per person
Duration per Session:
2h  –  3h
Please contact us if you require an alternative schedule. We may be able to slot you in for a private class or adjust our schedule for a date at least 8 weeks away.

The intention of this group is to encourage intentional and deliberate learning and practice on a multi-shaft loom, but paced to accommodate our respective life schedules. The Cricket Quartet, a 4-shaft table loom, will be used for Craft Atelier for most of the demonstrations and samples used in this study group. Participants are required to have access to a 4-harness loom with minimum weaving width of 6" to participate in this group.

This study group will explore projects across the categories of plain weave, twill and block weaves through the completion of three different weaving projects. Two months will be allocated for the warping, weaving and finishing of each project. Participants can choose to complete more than 3 projects with the materials they are given, but that would not be our expectation.

This study group will meet seven times across the course of 6 months. The objectives of these meetings are as follows :

  • Session 1 (In-Person) - Introduction to Multi-Shaft Weaving
  • Session 2 (Virtual) - Getting Creative with Plain Weave
  • Session 3 (In-Person) - Show & Tell : Our Plain Weave Projects
  • Session 4 (Virtual) - Investigating Twill Weaves
  • Session 5 (In-Person) - Show & Tell : Our Twill Projects
  • Session 6 (Virtual) - Exploring Block Weaves
  • Session 7 (In-Person) - Show & Tell : Our Block Weave Projects

At the end of Session 7, projects woven as part of the study group's exploration will be showcased in a mini exhibition hosted by Craft Atelier. 

Please note that this is meant to be a self-study programme, facilitated by Craft Atelier. While there will be some discussion on how to wind a warp, dress a multi-shaft loom and read a weaving draft, there will not be any extensive instruction on project planning, weaving and finishing. If a participant requires additional assistance with these aspects, they will be directed to take additional classes with Craft Atelier outside of this study group. 

A membership fee of $275 will be charged for the study group. Participants will be given a copy of Anne Dixon's Handweaver's Pattern Book as well as a selection of yarns that they can use for their three projects. 

Participants are expected to :

  • Have some basic weaving experience on either a frame loom, rigid heddle loom and/or multi-shaft loom;
  • Be aware of any prior hand or back injury and/or fibre allergies that might require them to make their own accommodations in order to participate fully in this study group.
  • Have access to a 4-harness loom with at least 6" weaving width for the course of the study group. If they do not own such a loom, they can rent one from Craft Atelier for the entire duration of the study group. 

For those who are signing up for this study group, please take the time to complete a short form for us to gather relevant information about your weaving experience and existing tools.