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Maurice Brassard

Maurice Brassard Yarns 8/2 Cottolin

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Due to the wide range of colour options, we carry a limited range in the studio. If you like a colour that we do not have stock for, please contact us to make pre-order arrangements. 

8/2 Cottolin is a beautiful blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% linen. 8/2 Cottolin weaving yarn has a great hand, and comes in a gorgeous range of colors - including natural and bleached. Cottolin is often used for napkins, table runners, tea towels and dish towels.  The linen fiber provides additional absorbency.


  • 60% Organic Cotton 40% Linen
  • 8/2 Weaving Weight - Lace Weight
  • ~227g and ~1680 yards per tube
  • Sett 20-30 epi