Yarn Spinning Study Group

Spinning Journey - Intentionally Practice & Improve your Spinning Techniques


$150.00 per person


2h 30min


Six sessions spread over 6 months - 2.5 hours each session

About this experience

Welcome to our Spinning Study Group (Sundays 2022)!

The intention of this group is to encourage intentional and deliberate practice on the spindle/e-spinner/wheel, but paced to accommodate our respective life schedules. Therefore we have planned for the study group to span over six months, working on three projects. Each project will take approximately 2 months from fibre preparation, spin and finish. You are welcomed to work on more projects, but that would not be our expectation.Β 

As this is a study group, participants will be exploring 3 focus spinning topics/techniques (fibre preparation, playing with colors and textured spinning). To make this group as inclusive as possible, we will encourage the group to pick structures and/or techniques that do not require the purchase of additional tools. If such structures and/or techniques are chosen, we will try our best to suggest possible hacks or work-arounds.Β 

Please note that this is a self-study group, with facilitation by Craft Atelier. Suggested videos will be shared prior to the session for practice and discussion. There will not be any direct teaching of fibre prep, working with colors or spinning techniques. Therefore, the group is also encouraged to avoid choosing techniques that is likely to require a fair amount of instruction unless the group unanimously agrees to take on additional classes with Craft Atelier.Β 

This is the current timeline for this study group. All meetings are held between 10am to 12.30pm, except on 26 June (2 to 4:30pm).Β 
- 22 May 2022 : Opening/ first project Β meeting (in-person). Introduction to fibre preparation (drum carding, blending board, handcarding) & discussion on the spinning techniques for spinning these fibre.Β 
- 26 June 2022 : First project showcase (virtual). Showcase of first project. Discussion on second project.Β 
- 24 July 2022 : Second project meeting (physical). Second project - working with colors.
- 28 August 2022 : Second project showcase (virtual). Showcase of second project. Discussion on third project.Β 
- 25 September 2022 : Third project meeting (physical). Third project - textured yarn spinning.Β 
- 23 October 2022 : Third project showcase (physical). Showcase of third project.

A fee of $150/pax will be charged for the study group. This fee includes:
- 4 studio group passes with access to wheels, fibre prep tools ($100)
- materials: 100g colored fibre for fibre preparation, half braid of commercially dyed fibre, textured/art yarn & carding materials ($50)
- administrative costs in hosting the meetings & exhibition
- soft raw fibre surprise

Note to participants:
- To be aware of any prior hand injury, which might prevent them from participating in this study group
- Fibre allergies (merino, bamboo, silk, cotton etc)

For those who are signing up for this study group, please take the time to complete a short form for us to gather relevant information about your spinning experience and preferred tools. Google Form

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