Craft Events
& Parties

Looking to infuse a dose of creative fun in your parties? Planning an event and looking for engaging activities that will suit your audience and budget?

We offer a range of ready-to-deploy activities and mini workshops, suitable for a range of ages and interests. We can also custom design activities and/or kits based on your time or budget guidelines.

Learning Journeys &
Corporate Retreats

We host learning journeys for schools looking to take their students beyond the four walls of the classroom to experience learning in a more authentic context. Themes include local entrepreneurship, chemistry in arts, introduction to handcrafting.

We also conduct corporate retreats and team-building activities, and have experience leading community-based learning circles.

Space for Hire

Need a space to host your own craft-themed parties, gatherings or even workshops? Skilled in a particular craft and looking to share your knowledge with others?

Our studio space is available for rental and we do regularly invite guest instructors to conduct their workshops here.



Tools and Equipment Rental

While reviews for crafting tools and equipment may be helpful when deciding on a purchase, these reviews may not account for individual preferences and crafting habits.

If you would like to try out a set of tools or equipment before committing to a purchase, consider purchasing our studio passes. In addition, we do have a selection of spinning wheels and looms available for home rental.

Loom Preparation and Maintenance Services

We offer our knowledge and expertise to help you prepare your looms for intended weaving projects. This include calculations and sourcing and preparation of materials, as well as loom assembly and warping services.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your loom, we can also help with troubleshooting, maintenance and parts replacements (where possible).


Commissioned Work

We accept custom orders and commission work. Some of our previous creations include custom-designed handbags, clothing items, mascot costumes as well as large-scale installations and hangings.

Project Consultancy

Have a vision or project in mind with no clear. plans on how to get started? We can work with you to develop a plan, offer suggestions on techniques, materials, tools and equipment most suited to transform your vision into reality. If necessary, we can also structure lessons to help you gain confidence and the necessary skills.