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Blazing Shuttles

Blazing Shuttles Warp Cross Holder

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As you might suspect from the name, these wooden Warp Cross Holders hold the threads in your warp cross leaving both of your hands free as you sley the reed or tie onto an existing warp when setting up front to back. The cross holders are secured to the breast beam of your loom with large rubber bands, but can also be tied in place with string if you lose or break your rubber bands. Please see the photo above to view the suggestion for positioning your yarn within the 4 pegs of the Warp Cross Holder.

Stretch the rubber band (under the breast beam) from diagonal pegs to attach the cross holders in place on your breast beam as you sley the reed or as you tie on to the existing warp. Remove the cross holders after all warp threads are sleyed or tied on.

You might use a single cross holder if you are working with a single warp chain or you might use several cross holders at once if you are working with multiple warp chains as is frequently the case when using more than one space dyed warps or other warps that cannot easily be wound into a single warp chain due to dyeing process or use of mixed weights and textures in the warp.

The block is 3 1/2" square. The pegs are 2" in length when in place. It is pictured with a 6/2 Bamboo warp of 400 ends. The woods vary but are always American hardwoods.