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Craft Atelier

Multi-Craftual Studio Package

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Studio Package
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At Craft Atelier, we see ourselves as multi-craftual makers. We believe that crafting has many benefits on our physical and mental health and so we offer a studio package for crafters who would also like to explore multi-craftual making.

When you purchase a studio package, you will receive an additional 10% value in studio credits. These studio credits may be used to offset payments for studio passes, use of available tools and supplies as well as rental charges for those who are looking to rent equipment to bring home. If you are looking for consultation on various projects, you can also book consultation sessions with our instructors on an hourly basis. The instruction fees may be offset with the studio credits too. 

The following charges apply for visitors who would like to use the studio space, tools and or supplies for their crafting:

- Studio Pass: $15/pax (individual) or $10/pax (group)

- Studio Tools: $10 (eg. drum carder, blending board, warping board, weaving loom)

- Studio Supplies: $10 (eg. open yarn on the yarn wall)

- Studio Loom Yardage: $15/yard (basic warp); $25/yard (premium warp)

- Instruction (group): $30/hour

- Instruction (individual): $45/hour

Please note that the studio packages may not be used to offset retail purchases.