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Toho Beads

Toho Beads Sashiko Kit

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Bead sashiko is a technique of stitching traditional sashiko patterns with bead embroidery. The introduction of tube beads gives the sashiko thread a different look, resulting in a gorgeous finish.

Fabric in the kit has bead embroidery lines printed on it. QR code in the instruction manual will lead you to an instructional video so even beginners can pick up bead sashiko with ease. 

The completed fabric can be used for interior decorations or converted to accessories.

Kit Contents

  • Fabric for bead sashiko, approx. 18 x 18 cm
  • Tube beads
  • Embroidery thread/French embroidery needle No.9
  • Printed instructions with video QR code

Design: Mayumi Yonega