At Craft Atelier, we believe in the benefits of crafting and are passionate about sharing the knowledge and skills we have acquired in different types of crafts. 

We understand that everyone has different learning preferences so our creative making sessions and workshops are conducted in small groups to ensure that a cosy learning environment with personalized guidance. 

Our standard workshops are organized into the following categories. If our existing workshops are not able to cater to your needs, please get in touch with us to find out about our personalised sessions and project consultation support. 

Partner Series

These workshops are designed in collaboration with our partner instructors to provide opportunities to learn crafts beyond the realm of fibre-crafting. Details on the level of difficulty, included materials and tools are provided in the specific workshop listing. 

Procraftination Series

These are workshops which allows participants to complete a specific item in an given amount of time. Some of these workshops are designed for complete beginners in the craft while others will require some pre-requisite knowledge. 

Materials are included in the fees and the required tools and equipment will be made available throughout the workshop duration. 

Foundational Series

These workshops are designed to introduce participants to the basic techniques, knowledge and skills used in a particular craft domain. As a result, these workshops are suitable for complete beginners or participants who are hoping to refresh their skills and restart an old hobby.

Materials are included in the fees for all workshops in this category.

  • For workshops that begin with "Getting Started...", participants will be given a beginner tool kit which they will keep at the end of the workshop. 
  • For workshops that begin with "Introduction to...", tools and equipment will be made available for use during the workshop. Participants may have the option of purchase the required tools and equipment to take home. 

Next Up Series 

These workshops are designed for participants who want to explore further and dive deeper into a particular craft. The techniques, knowledge and skills taught during these workshops requires some level of proficiency in the craft form.

Materials are included in the fees for all workshops in this category. Depending on the workshop, participants may be required to bring their own set of tools and equipment or rent what is available in the studio for an additional fee. Details are provided in each workshop listing. 

Masterclass Series

These are workshops or seminars conducted by invited experts in the field. The techniques, knowledge and skills discussed typically require a greater level of proficiency in the craft form. 

Study Groups

Study groups are designed to encourage intentional practice while allowing every participant the space to set their own learning goals. 

The timeline of each study group is paced to accommodate respective life schedules and responsibilities. Participants have the autonomy to determine the depth of their exploration as they engage with other like-minded individuals. A community of learning, supported by Craft Atelier's facilitation, allows them to inspire each other!