Basics Series - Getting Started with Crochet Amigurumi

An introductory workshop on Crochet Amigurumi


$100.00 per person




One session workshop

About this experience

This is a beginner class for crochet amigurumi. Amigurumi are crochet stuffed toys.

This class is suitable for both the absolute beginner as well as someone with some crochet experience. We start off the class with working on the basic stitches typically used in making amigurumi - chain and simple crochet. Participants will then choose to work on one of six patterns that are included in the workshop.

The workshop kit comes with 6 patterns and supplies to make at least one of each of the patterns. 

Crochet is a common technique used to create soft toys. The single crochet stitch creates a fairly dense fabric that keeps the stuffing in place and allows for easy shaping of the soft toy parts. The spiral crochet technique also enables a seamless look to the crochet pieces. Many crochet artists use photo references to create the 3D item using crochet amigurumi techniques. 

Please get in touch with us using the link below to see about scheduling a private class if you are keen to schedule a session not listed in the calendar.

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