Foundation Series - Introduction to Yarn Spinning on an E-spinner
A 3-hour workshop on Yarn Spinning
$150.00 per person
Duration per Session:
No. of Sessions:
One session Workshop
Please contact us if you require an alternative schedule. We may be able to slot you in for a private class or adjust our schedule for a date at least 8 weeks away.

Learn how to use an e-spinner to spin yarn from loose fibres. We provide different models of espinners for use during the workshop. You will learn how to safely operate the different espinners - from setting up for spinning, changing out bobbins, set up bobbins for plying and using the foot pedal switches in place of the on-board switches. You will also practice how to draft the fibres using three different techniques. Every spinner develops his/her own preference for drafting technique according to the type of fibres as well as the type of yarn that is being spun. 

For this workshop, we will provide combed wool top for the yarn spinning. 

Yarn spinning is the traditional art of creating yarn from spinning or twisting fibres together. Yarn spinning is typically done by using various types of spindles and spinning wheels. E-spinners have been introduced to hobbyists for some time now. They allow yarn spinners to spin yarn in smaller spaces as e-spinners tend to have a smaller footprint than traditional spinning wheels. With the availability of power banks so common these days, many e-spinners need not be plugged into our fixed point electrical sockets to power up. You can bring your e-spinners anywhere and spin yarn anywhere.

Please get in touch with us using the link below to see about scheduling a private class if you are keen to schedule a session not listed in the calendar.

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