Basics Series - Introduction to Inkle Weaving

An introductory workshop to Inkle Weaving


$400.00 per person




Two sessions of 3 hours (one week apart)

About this experience

This is a weaving bootcamp for beginners on the inkle loom. Your workshop package includes a Schacht Inkle Loom valued at $191 as well as a copy of the book - Inkle Pattern Directory - valued at $48. The Schacht Inkle Loom comes with a belt shuttle that you will use for weaving. The book covers many possible weaving techniques and 400 projects on inkle looms. It is a useful resource for all beginner weavers on an inkle loom.

The weaving bootcamp will take place over two half days. During the first session, you will learn how to make string heddles that will be used to prepare your loom. You will learn how to prepare the loom for weaving using the pattern and yarn that is supplied for the workshop. In the second session, you will complete weaving the project by the end of the session and learn how to finish a woven project before moving on to plan for your second project.

Inkle bands are densely woven bands that have multiple uses - weave your own camera and guitar straps, lanyards, shoelaces and bag straps. They may be woven to form larger pieces of fabric or directly into bags and baskets. You can customise the bands with names or initials. These straps are non-stretchy and very sturdy and able to withstand high tension and are long-wearing. Inkle looms may also be used to do tablet or card weaving. 

Please get in touch with us using the link below to see about scheduling a private class if you are keen to schedule a session not listed in the calendar.

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