Foundation Series - Getting Started with Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving
An introductory workshop to Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving
$580.00 per person
Duration per Session:
No. of Sessions:
Two sessions of 3 hours (one week apart)
Please contact us if you require an alternative schedule. We may be able to slot you in for a private class or adjust our schedule for a date at least 8 weeks away.

This is a weaving workshop for beginners on the rigid heddle loom. It will take place over two half days. You will learn how to prepare the loom for weaving using the pattern and yarn included in your brand new loom. You will also complete weaving the project by the second session and learn how to finish a woven project. You will learn how to calculate the yardage you will need for subsequent projects during the second session.

Rigid heddle looms are designed for ease of use and are great stash busters. The set-up time for weaving is a lot more manageable compared to traditional table and floor looms. At 15” wide, the Cricket loom is suitable for no-sew projects such as scarves, table runners and narrow shawls. Add a little sewing to the finished fabric and the possibilities are endless. Join panels to make larger pieces of fabric for blankets, wide shawls and curtains. Get creative with cutting the fabric to make bags, pouches and totes. Use the woven fabric as you would any other piece of fabric .

Your workshop package includes a 15" Schacht Cricket Loom Kitvalued at $483. The Cricket Loom kit comes as a complete weaving package that includes warping tools as well as stick shuttles for weaving. It also comes with two balls of yarn as well as a pattern to get you started on your first project. 

There are many weaving techniques to explore on the little Cricket loom. We conduct classes for more advanced techniques

  • pattern weaving using pick-up sticks,

  • band weaving to create tightly woven bands and straps,

  • colourwork and pick-up pattern combinations,

  • lace weaving using fine yarns,

  • tweed fabric weaving.

Take the plunge into the wonderful world of weaving with this class!

Please get in touch with us using the link below to see about scheduling a private class if you are keen to schedule a session not listed in the calendar.

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