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Dye-Lishus® Cotton Pre-stitched Nui Shibori Scarf Blanks

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Dye-Lishus® Cotton is undyed cotton that has been pre-treated to attract and hold dyes without the use of extra chemicals. It is pre-scoured, pre-patterned, and behaves as if pre-mordanted. It is available in spinning fiber, yarn and fabrics for quilting and sewing.

These shibori scarves are pre-stitched with a very smooth and strong polyester thread on Dye-Lishus® cotton and are extremely versatile in the ways they can be used. They are customarily washed, gathered and dyed, however if you cut the scarves up, you can also use them for quilting projects.

These shibori scarves come in two different patterns.

The woven shibori check is designed in a classic checkered pattern with soft lines that create a very simple, yet inviting decoration. Designed with indigo in mind, this pattern crosses a striped cloth. The stripe needs no treatment, but the gathered cloth requires auxiliary treatment for immersion using fiber reactive or natural dyes. Indigo needs no mordant.

The woven shibori sandbox is also very simple and tranquil. Lines resembling freshly raked sand allow your brain to associate this pattern with a relaxing getaway on the beach, with the addition of little pockets for pebbles.

Dye-Lishus® Cotton products will work with the following types of dyes:

  • Acid dyes, including food coloring
  • Direct dyes, such as Cushings, without bleeding
  • Fiber reactive dyes, such as Procion MX
  • Natural dyes.
  • Union dyes, such as Rit, Dylon, iDye