Partner Series - Fun with Jesmonite Workshop
An introductory workshop on working with jesmonite
$68.00 per person
Duration per Session:
Please contact us if you require an alternative schedule. We may be able to slot you in for a private class or adjust our schedule for a date at least 8 weeks away.

This is a 2-hour workshop introducing and working with Jesmonite.

Have fun creating pots, trays, holders or canvas artwork using eco-friendly Jesmonite. You can choose to make any two products. Materials and tools are provided for you use during the workshop.

Jesmonite can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish, and even the finest of detail. It can mimic the appearance of materials such as stone, wood, leather and fabric. It is strong and durable, can be pigmented to any colour and used to create decorative surface effects.

It is often used as lightweight alternative to stone and concrete. It has become an increasingly popular material widely used by artists, designers and prop-makers. Jesmonite is a brand name for a group of products that have a gypsum base and a water based acrylic resin making it kinder to the environment than other resins.

Workshop fee includes:

  • 2 trays/coasters/pots/canvas artwork (heart, square, round, flower & hexagon shape, each 10cm wide)
  • Technique: Jesmonite crafting
  • All materials provided


  • Understand what is Jesmonite and its varied uses?
  • Learn about the properties of Jesmonites, how this is eco-friendly and why it is increasingly popular?

Please get in touch with us using the link below to see about scheduling a private class if you are keen to schedule a session not listed in the calendar.

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