Craft Atelier
Procraftination - Star Weaving
Weave a beautiful star with us!
$90.00 per person
Duration per Session:
Please contact us if you require an alternative schedule. We may be able to slot you in for a private class or adjust our schedule for a date at least 8 weeks away.

The 8-pointed star is often viewed as a symbol of balance, strength and protection. The Mindful Star Flower is a workshop that combines self-introspection, mindfulness and the art of weaving.

During the workshop, participants will be guided through the process of weaving an 8-pointed star. Through this meditative process, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their inner selves and find balance within themselves. This workshop provides a unique opportunity for individuals to rejuvenate and soothe their minds, while crafting beautiful pieces of art.

The Mindful Star Flower workshop is a great option for team-building. Each Mindful Star Flower serve as a reminder of inner strength, balance and protection each individual brings to the team. When hung together as a collage in the office or workshop, the stars serve as a reminder of the positive energy and camaraderie experienced during the mindful and creative experience of the workshop.

For younger participants, weaving the star teaches patience and trains the eye to pay attention to detail. It also fosters a sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Participants of the Mindful Star Flower workshop leave not only with a beautiful woven star but also with greater self-awareness, inner calm and new skills that can be continued at home. Join us in this fulfilling workshop and weave your way to greater mindfulness, creativity, and inner balance with the Mindful Star Flower.