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Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom (Warping Frame)

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As floor standing Inkle Loom, the Cendrel allows the weaving of projects up to 6" wide and 16 feet long.

Designed for continuous string heddles which are made in minutes. The heddle length is adjustable by turning the heddle carrier. The weaving is swift, quiet and colorful. Inkle looms are ideal for creating belts, guitar straps, tray-holders, pet leashes and other belt-type items.

The Cendrel can be converted to an efficient warping frame with the supplied warping pegs. It then becomes one of the basic tools for any weaving. When used as a warping frame, the Cendrel can accommodate up to a 10 yard warp. All pegs are installed with wing nuts enabling fast, easy changes.