Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Study Group (2024 Masterclass Cohort)
Join us for a series of discussions and idea-sharing on weaving on rigid heddle looms
$80.00 per person
Duration per Session:
Please contact us if you require an alternative schedule. We may be able to slot you in for a private class or adjust our schedule for a date at least 8 weeks away.

With the conclusion of the 2024 Robyn Spady Masterclass workshops, we will be hosting a study group to support workshop participants in the consolidation of their  continual learning and practice. The intention of this group is to enable mutual sharing, troubleshooting, and idea exchange among the participants as they work to incorporate these newly acquired knowledge and skills into their weaving practice.

Participants in this study group should have attended at least one of Robyn Spady's seminars (Weaving TnT, Taming the Hue, Great Weave Structures). 

Looking to expand your repertoire of rigid heddle weaving projects but find it difficult to stay motivated and accountable on your own? Want to enjoy the benefits of learning together in a community where you will find inspirations beyond your imagination and learn hacks and workarounds from each other?

Our study group is just the right thing! Designed to encourage intentional practice on the rigid heddle loom, the three over-arching themes ensure that you will experience a range of structures and/or techniques while having the autonomy to choose your materials, colours, and patterns to work with.Participants will expand their rigid heddle weaving skills while engaging with a community of fellow weavers who share the same interest. 

The timeline of the study group is paced to accommodate respective life schedules and responsibilities, allowing participants to set their own weaving goals and receive feedback from the rest of the group. Participants are only expected to complete three projects although it is perfectly fine if they can complete more! This study group will meet seven times across the course of five months. The objectives of these meetings are as follows :

  • Session 1: 7 July 10am to 12pm (In-Person) - Opening Session 
  • Session 2: 21 July 10am to 12pm (Virtual) - Project Planning : Exploring Colour & Weave
  • Session 3: 18 Aug 10am to 12pm (In-Person) - Show & Tell :Exploring Colour & Weave
  • Session 4: 8 Sep 10am to 12pm (Virtual) - Project Planning :Going "Wild" - Textures and Materials
  • Session 5: 6 Oct 10am to 12pm (In-Person) - Show & Tell :Going "Wild" - Textures and Materials
  • Session 6: 20 Oct 10am to 12pm (Virtual) - Project Planning : Pushing Boundaries - Manipulation
  • Session 7: 17 Nov 10am to 12pm (In-Person) - Show & Tell :Pushing Boundaries - Manipulation

Since this is meant to be a study group, there will not be extensive guidance on project planning, weaving and finishing, or further instruction on specific manipulation techniques.  Our facilitators can point you to reference resources if needed. Alternatively, participants can choose to take on additional classes or consultations with Craft Atelier outside this study group. 

A membership fee of $80 will be charged for the study group. Participants will be expected to provide materials for their own projects. 

Participants are expected to :

  • Have access to a rigid heddle loom for the duration of the study group. If they do not own such a loom, they can rent one from Craft Atelier;
  • Be aware of any prior hand or back injury and/or fibre allergies that might require them to make their own accommodations in order to participate fully in this study group; and
  • Commit to the schedule of meetings for this study group and to complete at least three projects in the course of the study group period.