Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Study Group

Join us for a series of discussions and idea-sharing on weaving on rigid heddle looms


$80.00 per person



About this experience

Looking to expand your repertoire of rigid heddle weaving projects but find it difficult to stay motivated and accountable on your own?

Our study group addresses that very challenge! Designed to encourage intentional practice on the rigid heddle loom, the three over-arching themes ensure that you will experience a range of structures and/or techniques while having the autonomy to choose your materials, colours, and patterns to work with.

The timeline of the study group is paced to accommodate respective life schedules and responsibilities, with meetings scheduled once a month allowing participants to set their own weaving goals and receive feedback from the rest of the group. Participants are only expected to complete three projects over six months, although it is perfectly fine if you can complete more!

Participants will expand their rigid heddle weaving skills while engaging with a community of fellow weavers who share the same interest. Enjoy the benefits of learning together in a community where you will find inspirations beyond your imagination and learn hacks and workarounds from each other.

Our study groups are designed to be largely self-directed with discussions facilitated by Craft Atelier. There will not be any direct teaching of structures and/or techniques but we can certainly point you to resources that you can refer to if needed.

The three project themes for the study group are
1) Colour & Weave
2) Hand-Manipulation
3) Going "Wild" with Textures and Materials

Study group participants will have the opportunity to showcase their completed works in an end-of-study exhibition hosted by Craft Atelier. Please note that fees for the study group are meant only to support the administrative costs of hosting the meetings and exhibitions. All participants are expected to purchase their materials for the study group.

The dates for the upcoming study group are:

  1. 30 July (3 to 5pm): in person

  2. 20 Aug (3 to 5pm): virtual

  3. 10 Sep (3 to 5pm): in person

  4. 8 Oct (3 to 5pm): virtual

  5. 5 Nov (3 to 5pm): in person

  6. 10 Dec (3 to 5pm): virtual

  7. 7 Jan (3 to 5pm): in person

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